987 National Rap Battle Championship

Check out the AWESOME Rap Battle Face off between Mike Buzza & Nizmatic Jin at the Rap Battle Semi-Finals last Saturday at MOS!



  1. what “awesome”?they suck,period.If there was a competition for wannabes they’d be up there with people like Kevin Federline and William Hung

  2. wah, but hor abit very fierce eh.

  3. but hor! William Hung still rocks please! weee~

  4. lol. what’s with the babor from changi and the “kani na bei chao chee …” lol. u fill the in blanks. haha. heres a hint “bye”.

  5. one guy rap like he memorise lines, the other rap till i cant no lines. mind labeling for we who is who? cause i heard Jin is pretty good. so lemme guess, Jin wears cap? cause if he’s nt, then thats too bad.

  6. Wah very fierece. Really… Still scold bad word wor.

  7. i disagree with you, xi han. apparently, you are not a hiphop listener. I have seen freestyle battles in Singapore and these kids ARE good. Nizmatic Jin had lines of good substance where he used reference to Immortal Technique the rapper. Mike Buzza on the other hand was good in getting the crowd to side with him.

    Bottomline is, Xi Han, you are a type of person who can’t tell who is better between 50Cent and Jay Z

  8. Xi han, you know nothin bout wordplay and metaphors in this game. if you think you’re so good, let’s hear you spit.

  9. mike buzza was so vulgar. i switched on the volume so loud then when he went like knnbcc* i was like O_O !?!??

  10. this guys rap lyk shit… i would luk at their face spit… their voice make me sick… for 2 week… sm even gt so weak… they jus can kiss my …. , i ‘ll just throw a banna split … on their face and say … youre just a kid… rip

  11. you want it,you get it.
    I back it up,I don’t just crap it.
    Like these losers.they sweat it
    on some bullshit,that never happened
    they think they’re good?
    I’ll eat them like I eat food
    It’s easy for me,it’s hard for you
    Why don’t you spit it too,if you think I ain’t cool
    I ain’t just a hater
    I get facts on paper
    These guys suck,live with it
    I ain’t no bandwagon hopper
    Ain’t no groupie,no pop-locker
    You don’t even know what song that is
    And it’s me you wanna diss
    Get your facts right,or you’re gonna get pissed
    Cause I use my words as my weapons
    And you know that when I drop it,shit’s gonna happen
    50 might be great,but I feel Jay’s greater
    Hey,what do we know,we singaporean wanksta’s
    Don’t try to deny it
    We’ve never supplied it
    No blue magic,never spent time for nothin’
    Now I’ve said my piece of my pie
    And it’s time for you to reply
    Don’t worry,I ain’t gonna transcend it into a war
    But if you remain ignorant,shit’s gonna go down like 1944
    And guess what?I’ma be Hitler at the start
    and Roosevelt in the end
    and if you don’t like that,drive off a highway like Stan

  12. Mike did great for the finals period! Props for bringing Nizmatic up with him as he said it himself that Nizmatic was one of the best beside him.. Hope they both get their songs up on airplays! Congratz! 🙂

  13. wow!
    xi han, you are good!!

  14. thanks carmen…if you weren’t being sarcastic.

  15. forget me trying to be modest.I am that damn good.

  16. The RapBattle is cool man.I wonder if theres more where its juz as funny and insulting for fun.lol.

  17. reply to Xi Han’s sucky rap.

    please quit rapping that was a wack diss you ‘ve prepared/
    the only ‘Hitler’ about you is the way you shaved your pubic hair /
    you felt Jay’s better than 50? but you cant tell from their lyrics /
    if i make Jay spit 50’s lines, you’re stupid still sayin you feel him /
    Your rapper status is ‘fake’ like ‘things from China’ /
    And Im bout to ‘expose’ that of you like ‘Britney’s vagina’ /
    Your rhymes were like ‘Stan to Em’, its gay as hell /
    Changed his tagname from ‘Xi Han’ to ‘Carmen’, just to praise himself /
    Im above you so when i spit rhymes its like weather’s off to rain(reign) /
    We can battle but i’ll ‘cross you out’ like the first letter of your name (‘X’i Han) /
    Yeah im from Malaysia but i respect Jin and Mike as lyricists banging and they dope /
    Xi Han cant hop the bandwagon, we tied him by rope and drag him on the road /
    so you aint their groupie, it doesn’t matter in any contrast /
    coz you may not suck their penis literally? but your mom does /
    i’ll stop 15 bars coz i’ll only need half to murder all your 30 lines /

    Thats real battle rap! complexity with similies and metaphors and punchlines.

    That Roosevelt hitler stan 1944 crap of yours is weak. talk so much hate but you cant even back it up. their freestyles murdered your pre-writtens straight up.

    Quit rap. you wack, Xi han!


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